For Dogs

The McTimoney treatment is aimed at reducing pain and increasing the range of movement so that health and performance can be restored. Here are some of the common causes and signs of misalignments seen in dogs.

Falling or slipping
Landing badly when jumping
Colliding with other dogs
Playing roughly
Pulling on lead
Working on rough terrain
Conformation issues
Road traffic accidents
Repetitive work
Compensation after injury or lameness

Signs of misalignments:

Changes in behaviour
Loss of performance
Reluctance to exercise and play
Breaking sit and staydog atlas

Uneven claw wear
Asymmetry of muscles
Always lying and sitting on the same side
Refusing to jump
Struggle getting up and down stairs
Difficulty getting in and out of the car
Yelping or crying when getting up or down
Lameness after other causes have been investigated by vet


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