For Horses

The McTimoney treatment is aimed at reducing pain and increasing the range of movement so that health and performance can be restored. Here are some of the common causes and signs of misalignments seen in horses.                                                                  hungarian horse

Landing badly after a jump
Getting cast
Conformation issues
Compensation from injury or from lameness
Repetitive movement or work, strenuous work
Dental problems
Hoof problems
Unbalanced rider
Ill-fitting tack

Signs of misalignments:
Changes in behaviour
Inability to stand square
Bucking, rearing, napping
Asymmetry of muscles
Hollowing of back
Stiffness on a particular side
General stiffness
Struggling to take off into canter, or maintain canterchester head
Head shaking
Cold backed
Refusing to stand when mounting
Refusing jumps, running out
Reduced ability to extend or collect
Loss of performance
Lameness after other causes have been investigated by vet

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